Increasing the Capacity of the National Environmental Guard to Apply the EU Legislation and Strategy Regarding Dangerous Waste and Chemical Substances
Undertakings operating hazardous substances
They will benefit from a modern and powerful tool in order to communicate with the authorities and to report their activity. Basically, the reporting that they currently have to send the authorities on paper format will move online and they will have the necessary tools for for an easier and more efficient communication. The number of documents that are forced to deposit and keep will diminish significantly and the effort required to draft reports will decrease.
National Environmental Guard employees
They will be able to monitor waste exchange between operators and will have the tools necessary in order to identify fraud and illegal dumping. All the tools developed in this project, of whatever their nature, will improve the ability of the Environmental Guard to protect the environment and to identify and prosecute polluters. The application developed within this project will facilitate the work of the Environmental Guard Commissioners and assist them in improving their current activities.
Other interested parts
Other beneficiaries will receive access to the computer system as needed. Since the settlement of environmental incidents involves collaboration with other institutions such as the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, NGO partners, Police, Fire Department, ANAF etc., they will receive the complete file of an incident by using the computer system developed within the project. These institutions or organizations will receive access to the software application in order to solve environmental incidents or fraud identified.
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