Increasing the Capacity of the National Environmental Guard to Apply the EU Legislation and Strategy Regarding Dangerous Waste and Chemical Substances
Specific Activities

A1. Project Management

A2. Partner’s Audit

A3. Informing and advertising

A3.1. Making the website of the project

A4. Public Procurements

A5. Developing a set of support tools for decision making

A5.1. The development of a computer application which would trace hazardous waste until disposal

A5.2. Making a user’s guide for the IT application used for tracing hazardous waste

A5.3. Making a guide with exposure scenarios for the environment and human health

A5.4. Making connectors for integration and information exchange between partner institutions and the National Environmental Guard

A5.5. Developing a methodology for estimating the risks associated with hazardous substances to health and environment

A5.6. Making a database of the environmental indicators

A6. Training 44 National Environmental Guard employees to use the computer applications developed within the project

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