About the project
Increasing the Capacity of the National Environmental Guard to Apply the EU Legislation and Strategy Regarding Dangerous Waste and Chemical Substances

The project will be implemented within a Project Implementation Unit created at the National Environment Guard – General Commissariat level, in Bucharest. But, taking into account the applicant’s responsibilities regarding control actions for polluting activities throughout the entire country, all the project’s activities actually target Romania’s territory. This project’s results will benefit all of the 41 County Commissariats + the Bucharest Commissariat that are subordinated to NEG. Thus, the project amounts a total of 630 direct beneficiaries.

The project promotor is the General Comissariat of the National Environmental Guard from Bucharest. All the activities from the project will be implemented here.

The project has a total value of 4,728,683.98 RON (1,053,440.56 EUR).

Specific objectives

1. Improvement of the NEG’s capacity to monitor the hazardous waste release in the environment by developing software applications

2. Improvement of the NEG’s capacity to be integrated at communications and IT & information support’s level with the institutions that are responsible to control, monitor and intervene to eliminate or mitigate the major effects of environment pollution.

Both the main and specific project’s objectives contribute to attain the main programme’s objective, „prevention of adverse environmental effects caused by chemical substances and hazardous waste” by:

  • Developing a software application that manages the traceability of hazardous waste until their removal;
  • Developing connectors between NEG’s software systems and those of other institutions responsible for environment protection, in order to improve the information exchange
  • Training of 44 NEG employees in using the software applications developed through the project
  • Developing a guide containing exposure scenarios for environment and human health
  • Developing a methodology for estimating risks associated with dangerous substances impacting the health and environment
  • Developing a user guide for the software application that monitors the traceability of hazardous waste
  • Developing a database containing environmental indicators
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