Development of the methodology for establishing ecological corridors and training the administrators of the protected areas for their better management
The personnel of the protected areas’ administrative units is the direct beneficiary of IT application developed through this project. They will have the tools necessary to report environmental incidents and the elements that define ecological corridors. In time, they will provide information that will help us define ecological corridors and see the areas most exposed to environmental incidents. In order to achieve this goal, they will receive the necessary tools to connect to the software information system and will be trained on how to use it.
National Environmental Guard employees
They will be able to collaborate more effectively with the administrators of the protected areas in performing the day to day activities. Thus, communication between the parties will be more efficient and easier, and they will use a modern tool to improve environmental protection in Romania. After the implementation of this project, the General and Local Commissariats of the National Environmental Guard will be notified after a new incident is reported so that they can analyze and solve it. If needed, in some cases incidents will be sent to other stakeholders such as the Police, Fire Departament, Mountain rescue, Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, etc. Also, data regarding the ecological corridors and animal transit will be collected
Other stakeholders
Other beneficiaries will be granted access to the system as needed. Solving some environmental incidents involves the collaboration with other institutions such as the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, partner NGOs, Police, Fire department, Inspectorates for Emergency Situations, etc. These institutions or organizations will be notified when an event of interest is recorded in the application and will be granted access to the software application in order to view information corresponding this event.
Public access
Anyone will be able to download a free version of the application from Google Play. The software application will have limited functionalities. The public will be able to view the map of the protected area, to track their location within the protected area’s limits and to record events.
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