About the project
Development of the methodology for establishing ecological corridors and training the administrators of the protected areas for their better management

The project will be implemented within a Project Implementation Unit created in Bucharest, at the National Environment Guard, at the level of the General Commissariat. Taking into account the applicant’s responsibilities regarding the control actions taken for the protected areas throughout the entire country, all the project’s activities actually target Romania’s territory. The protected areas represent 24.7% of the Romanian territory. This project’s results will benefit all of the 41 County Commissariats  and  the Bucharest Commissariat that are subordinated to the National Environmental Guard.

The promoter of the project will be the General Commissariat of the National Environmental Guard, headquartered in Bucharest. Here will be developed and implemented all the project’s actions and activities.

The project has a total value of 1,030,445.18 Euro.

Specific objectives
  1. Development of the methodologies establishing the ecological corridors for large mammals, migratory birds and migratory fishes.
  2. Improvement of the capacity to manage and monitor the ecological corridors by training and equipping the administrators of the protected areas.

Both the main and specific project’s objectives contribute to achieve  the main programme’s objective – „implementation of solutions for the problem of ecosystems degradation, improvement of the knowledge level regarding the contribution to stopping the loss of biodiversity in Romania” – by:

  • Developing a methodology establishing ecological corridors for large mammals;
  • Developing of a methodology establishing ecological corridors for migratory birds;
  • Developing a methodology establishing ecological corridors for migratory fishes;
  • Training 300 employees of the areas’ administrative units  in using the IT applications developed through the project for the efficient monitoring of ecological corridors;
  • Developing an IT application that helps delimitate ecological corridors and report environmental incidents;
  • Equipping the personnel of the protected areas’ administrative units with mobile equipment to ensure the map representation of ecological corridors and to transmit real-time information to NEG commissaries from the field;
  • Organization of 3 workshops to increase the interested parties’ awareness regarding protected areas and ecological corridors.
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